A Deliberate life

The one who knows his true Identity in life and is passionate about living this identity never misses his way, it may get slippery along the line, you may even fall down on your way but one thing is for sure the one who controls your identity will always give you the strength to rise beautifully and move on. Now that you know you who are and where you belong, life will seem very difficult at the begining, along the line there are times you would want to compromise, there are times you would feel suffocated and tired, there are times things will go rough and dumb, lots of troubles and doubts, there will come a time you would want to give up ( but don’t). And why all this because you have made a choice to move in the right direction in life and is Okay, It’s all in the complete package of a life well spent.

Nothing happens in life that is a mistake, life is clear and deliberate and if one must be able to maintain the choices they’ve made or will make in life its important for one to also be deliberate, that is carefully watching our choices, desires, strengths weaknesses, emotions, relationships as well as our priorities with deep consciousness in order to enable us maintain our identity no matter what circumstance life throws at us. Because we are responsible for our identity, it is very important to intentionally make choices that reflects that identity and purpose of existence that even when things go tough and confusing we will be able to know how to control the situation. You may have know your true Identity but a little carelessness may ruin everything without you seeing it coming. A deliberate life is very important to have a comfortable life, a life of hope as well as purpose.

When one lives a deliberate life, he/she admits to a mistake and looks for ways to correct it they don’t see themselves as perfect but striving to live a perfect life. Living a deliberate life makes one have a deep understanding in relating with people, he/she understand that not every action requires a reaction, it keeps one focus at all times. One can only live a deliberate life when you learn how to be deliberate by intentionally making choices not because others want you to but because that is what you really want and of course will be beneficial to you not only in happy moments but in sad moments as well. A deliberate life constantly reminds one of who they are and what identity they carry, it makes life look so perfect even in moments of imperfections. To live your best life you need to live a deliberate life!

My True Identity

I took my time to define myself and I also went as far as looking deep within me to find the power within and fortunate for me I achieve that just to live my purpose here on earth to live a life that is worth living but along the line I realized that haven’t done all that I’ve got no direction let alone my destination in life. Then I said to myself how can I live my purpose here on earth, how can I live a life worth living. All this questions kept on coming and I felt all this is a total waste of time but then something happened the power within me kept pressuring me to meditate harder and I came to the reasoning that I had to do all of this to create an identity for myself and live life that only suits that identity. Wow!

My identity will serve as the reflection of who am I, where I belong, what my purpose is, what power is within me, what directions to take and finally the goal of existence which a well ended story at my expected destination even if I won’t reach there but on that path is worth living Therefore my identity defines my existence. What’s my existence all about anyway??? I’ve got money, power, everything to lavish life but I still can’t figure out why I exist. Does that mean all this I have accomplished say nothing about my true identity its just a natural identity no uniqueness just achievements that will someday fade away and it doesn’t even hold my happiness or direction to end well. What then is above vanity that I can rest my existence in??.. What then holds my directions in life to end great and peaceful??.. What is my true identity???.. What is your true identity??

Our true identity lies in the place you stand between you and your saviour. Our true identity is in Christ who is above vanity. He holds the key to true greatest true happiness and above all the best direction to a perfect destination. why should I leave my life without a purpose when I can easily place my identity in Christ. Whatever I’ve got today never gave me opportunities to make my choice aright I had to compromise but with Christ it has no cost it only takes to please him to have that identity which conquers what the ordinary can explain. Your relationship with Christ holds the key to your destination. A well defined purpose of existence you and I deserve tha. nothing can offer us this identity it can never be bought at all because it is above Vanity!

But why do I even need to know why I exist??.. I’m enjoying my life here on earth already.. Yes but there is no enjoyment without a sense of true identity a natural identity isn’t just enough it will all sum up to vanity. The truth won’t change just because we don’t believe or have a reason to accept it. For a person who has defined himself, find the power within her as well as wants a perfect direction for a purposeful living, someone who wants to live a life well spent. We will have to Redefine our True Identity.

The Power within

Lots of things happen to us and we end up blaming our Faith, circumstance, Fate etc not knowing something else is the origin of certain misfortunes in our lives. We experience some actions we can’t really explain and we be like ” I don’t know something was just holding me back” and sometimes we could even say “I just can’t explain why I couldn’t control myself “. All this is not magic but occurs as the result of the Power Within.

The Power within is responsible for making us do things we can’t for sure say when and how it happened, it’s like a mystery with no physical description attached. The power within is that internal force, strive, energy, feeling that keeps one based on the rules the create for themselves. In life we create our rules and set our minds to stick to them no matter what which is so good, That desire, passion, strive to stick to our rules, fulfill our dreams, keep Up to our standards, maintain our self-respect or go against all this is controlled by the power within. It helps to process our choices, thinking and also saves us from danger depending on what you really want. It is the most conscious, sensitive and active feeling in humans. We can’t entirely understand the concept of the power within but one thing I know is every human was born with this amazing gift. But it can’t put to play if you don’t activate it or believe in it as well. We need the power within us to do alot of magnificent things in life that will benefit us and those around you. Sometimes we do things compelled by our situation not knowing we could have stopped it from happening. Our lack of knowledge of this power brings lots of misfortune in our lives that we don’t deserve. Dont get it wrong the power within won’t stop you from suffering at all because of cause we are subjected to that at one point in life as humans which is okay, but it saves you from unnecessary pain and suffering all the time. Why settle for less when you are born for the best. We all deserve happiness tho a little pain along side but its all part of this beautiful life.

For the power within to play a role in your life. You need to define who you are first and what you want. As long as you want greatness the power within keeps you running, even times you get weak the power within keeps your eyes on the goal. Everything depends on the choices you make. But incase you are comfortable with the way things are for you is okay you may not need this power within. But if you are tired of going through the same mess again and again, insults here and there and if you must achieve your dreams, aspirations and goals, stand up for youself, protect your self-respect and interest. You must look within you and find that Power within . You need that Power within. You’ve got it You just need to OWN IT.

Who am i??

Life has brought me to the point where I need to define myself and my existence. Lots of things keep happening its either the good, the bad and the ugly and I wonder where do I belong. Life is like story with different chapters and different pages alot have gotten the opportunity to live their story in a way that suits their personality and identity they’ve made lots of impact that we dedicate our lives living by their perspective, but its their story how about mine how about yours, who am I??

Sometimes I want to be great, sometimes I want to be just where I am and sometimes I feel life has no direction for me but somewhere deep within I know I’m not telling myself the truth because life gives everyone the opportunity to be who you are what are you and where you will be. I’m so clouded with what others what me to be, how I should be and who I should be, but why??

Me!. I will continue to be that way if I don’t define myself and create my identity. I shouldn’t let others make me live by their perspective just because I do not know who am I. A wise man once told me ” a person is not define by what he his but by who he is” meaning no matter how I live my life pleasing to other it will not change who am I so why don’t I try being me. But how??

The choices I make defines my actions and the actions I take defines who am I. So I need to watch my choices, I should always want the best for myself because I alone I’m responsible for my identity and for me to create this identity I need to be “Delibrate” that is intentionally looking into matters that will build me, matters that will be beneficial to me. But for what??

When I’m able to define myself then I will be able to know the reason for my existence and the purpose of my creation. Then also I will live my story in a way that suits my identity and personality by my perspective. Greatness isn’t assign to specific individuals in life. I will be able to become anything I want to be as long as I know WHO AM I.

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